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About Us

Most people think that archaeology is similar to an Indiana Jones movie, involving an adventurous treasure-hunt. Others may be reminded of the moment when Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered, or of Schliemann’s discovery of Troy, but only a few know that archaeology is in fact based on scientific methods and it involves solid historical knowledge, as well as proof.
This is one of the reasons why the Association for Promoting Transylvanian Archaeological Heritage was established in 2011 in Cluj-Napoca as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Its main purpose is to make the general public aware of what archaeology really means and what are the implications, in terms of individual responsibility, regarding the promotion and protection of the archaeological finds. The Association will also try to support and encourage through its own means the individuals for whom archaeology is a hobby and also those for whom archaeology has become a way of life.
It is unfortunate that the Transylvanian Archaeological Heritage, so rich and diverse, is not widely known by those who are not members of the archaeological community. Due to a mentality which we disapprove of, the results of the archaeological investigations in Romania have been, for too long, a closed subject, accessible only to a small group of specialized people. Our intention is to help our heritage gain it’s well deserved status and be properly valued in Romanian culture and within the educational field in order to be appreciated worldwide.
Although the Association for Promoting Transylvanian Archaeological Heritage is a young organization, its members have a broad experience in the archaeological field and with the techniques used (excavations, field walks, drawings, processing archaeological materials, etc.), reaching up to decades for some.  

Founding members:

Dr. Florin Gogâltan

Elena Cristina Cordoș (M.A)

Marian Adrian Lie (M.A)


Mircea Anghelinu

Demjen Andi

Carmen Rogobete

Gruia Fazecas

Mihaela Savu

Ole Unhammer